CHI 2007

At the CHI 2007 conference, Gregory Abowd was awarded the CHI 2007 Social Impact Award for his work in technology for individuals with autism. As part of this award, he gave a keynote talk which was recorded.

Also at CHI 2007, Julie Kientz presented a paper on the design requirements for technology for supporting tracking development of young children. This talk was also recorded.

Other Presentations

Talk by Gregory Abowd giving an overview of our group's work
Overview of autism research given by Gregory to CDC in May 2008.
Measuring Behavior 2008 Keynote talk by Gregory in August 2008 on Behavior Imaging and Infrastructure Mediated sensing
Georgia Bar Feb 2009.pdf
SIGCSE 2009 keynote Mar 2009.ppt given by Gregory to CS Educators. Not all about autism work.
IEEE PerCom keynote Mar 2009.ppt given by Gregory to researchers in Pervasive Computing. Not all about autism work.

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